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Study Edition - Hardcover
In stock and ships the next business day.
The first 164 pages of the Big Book with lined pages opposite text for note taking. Click here for sample pages in .pdf format

We are cleaning out our old warehouse, and stumbled across several leftover Study Editions from years gone by. Some have gold or silver gilding and were published by our predecessor, I.W.S. while others are more similar to the current Anonymous Press Study Edition. This is a GRAB-BAG sale, we will surprise you. Quantities are extremely limited.

Includes the original Foreword, The Doctor's Opinion, Dr. Bob's Story and Spiritual Experience.

Paragraph numbers along side the text for easy reference.

In addition to the regular Big Book text the entire Original Manuscript (about) including the stories is included. The manuscript text appears in retyped text in some versions and as a photo-reproduction in some (these can be hard to read due to the condition of the original work.

Footnotes explaining historical and obscure references in the text.

Two place keeping ribbons.

Special "lay flat" binding.

These are seconds and may have scuffs and/or dented corners

$13 each - no choice of color and may have gold gilding
Stock on hand: 18