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Study Edition

Study Edition

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Leather bound study version of Alcoholics Anonymous
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Study Edition
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Black Leather



6"x9" leather bound hard cover including:

Study Edition
The first 164 pages of the Big Book with lined pages opposite text for note taking. Click here for sample pages in .pdf format


Includes the original Foreword, The Doctor's Opinion, Dr. Bob's Story and Spiritual Experience.

Paragraph numbers along side the text for easy reference.

In addition to the regular Big Book text the entire Original Manuscript (about) including the stories is included. The manuscript text has been retyped for this book so it is easy to read. Includes paragraph numbers corresponding to the modern text for easy comparison.

Footnotes explaining historical and obscure references in the text.

Footnotes documenting 79 differences between the modern text and the original 1st printing text of the 1st 164 pages (about). Yes, believe it or not, the basic text has been changed 79 times since it was first published.

Two place keeping ribbons.

Special "lay flat" binding.

About the 4th Edition:
All the indexes we publish are for the 1st 164 pages (the main text). The text and page numbers are the same in both the 3rd edition and 4th edition of The Big Book. You can use any of our indexes with either edition.

Black Leather

Comprehensive reference section includes:

Word Index-
Practically every word in the main text indexed by paragraph number -
19,344 entries (really)

Subject Index-
References to all the common study subjects indexed by paragraph number - 1,605 entries

Definitions to the obscure and key words taken from dictionaries in use at the time the book was written. Mostly from the 1937 Unabridged Webster's Dictionary.
276 entries